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Electric Roller Doors – Security with ease of use

Imagine the joy of arriving home in the driving rain and clicking your remote garage roller door fob so it opens just as you roll up. You drive in immediately and totally avoid getting soaked!

That’s just one of the benefits of our electric roller garage doors. And not just for garages. We install electric roller doors on any building – workshops, units, outhouses, offices and more.

Electric Roller Doors Rhino Rollers
Can I open/close the door if the power fails?

YES! Our electric motorised roller doors come fitted with a Safety Break Device as standard. The means the door mechanism can be operated by hand during a power failure.

All of our doors are equipped with an internal manual override system. An external manual override system is available as an optional extra. That enables you to gain access from outside in the event of a power failure.

Door safety is built in

Safety is an extremely important aspect of our doors and installation process. All our doors are fitted with anti fall back devices in case of spring or cable failure. That prevents the door from suddenly dropping.

There are no external handles that might be forced, and no lock to pick. Our doors are fitted with security locking straps to apply extra force. Some models can also be fitted with police-designed Secured by Design (SBD) high quality alarm system.

Made to measure Roller Door Rhino Rollers
Maximise your usable internal space

The electric motor is mounted at the top of your new roller doorframe, out of the way. It draws standard domestic current and so it only requires plugging into a standard power socket – no additional wiring necessary.

Unlike with other types of door, you can park or store goods inside and outside right up to the door with no need to leave a gap for opening or closing.

Insulation and draught-proofing too!

The slats on our tough aluminium doors are filled with an 8mm layer of high density foam insulation (18mm on high-end models). In addition, rubber seals and brushes in the frame and mechanism minimise draughts.

Choice of 18 standard colours – with options for more

You may choose from  our standard range of colours, or pay a little more for one of the RAL colours range developed by the RAL Colour Institute.

Take the next step – contact us to find out more

A quick chat with one of our electric roller door installation experts is free and will provide you with all the information you need about the ordering and installation process. Every roller door enquiry requires a site visit to accurately measure the doorway, so we can book you in too.