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Garage Roller Doors supplied and fitted in the Essex area

There has been an explosion in the popularity of roller garage doors in recent years, and there are very good reasons for that.

We supply and fit bespoke roller doors in a range of colours and styles. Not only are they tremendously secure, they also add an attractive element to your property.

Roller Garage Doors Essex Rhino Rollers
5 Major benefits of our roller garage doors

#1 They give you more space in your garage than other types of door

Our roller garage doors retract upwards to wrap around the retaining cylinder meaning the space immediately in front of the door (inside and out) is 100% usable. There is no need to leave gaps. Perfect where lots of loading/unloading is required.

#2 Roller garage doors provide greater security

Our garage roller doors are made of strong metal, such as aluminium. From an intruder’s perspective there are no weak points to attack and forcing entry is practically impossible. There is even an optional “Secure By Design” option on one model, which adds an extra security layer.

#3 They banish draughts and provide excellent insulation

Working in a draughty garage, especially if it doubles as your workshop, can be very unpleasant in winter. Typical garage doors are not designed to be draught proof. However, our roller garage doors are different. Rubber seals along the bottom, double brushes in the guide runners, and insulated slats all help to keep out cold air and draughts

#4 Even very large garages can have roller doors fitted

Openings of up to 4,875mm (16 feet) can be fitted with roller garage doors. As they come with their own bespoke frame, there is no need for wooden frames to be fitted.

#5 Aesthetically pleasing and come in a wide range of colours

In addition to a wide range of standard colours, we offer RAL colours, by the German RAL Colour Institute as an optional extra. These are designed specifically for paint, powder, varnish, plastics, and so on. They are extremely popular  in architecture, road safety items, industry and construction.

Made to measure Roller Door Rhino Rollers
2-year warranty

All our doors come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind.

Made-to-measure ensures a perfect fit

Because no 2 doorways are precisely identical, our technicians will first measure your doorway. Then your order is sent to the factory to construct bespoke one-off doors. The process takes 3-4 weeks and installation of your new door takes 3-4 hours.

Take the next step – contact us to find out more

A quick chat with one of our roller door installation experts is free and will provide you with all the information you need about the ordering and installation process. Every roller door enquiry requires a site visit to accurately measure the doorway, so we can book you in too.