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Roller Doors – Tough and rugged protection

The made-to-measure roller doors that we supply and install provide security, better space utilization and an attractive appearance.

Not only do they prevent access, they also act as a visual deterrent so that potential intruders don’t even bother to try!

You have probably seen them on garages attached to residential properties, on industrial buildings and warehouses, but they have far wider applications.

Essex Roller Doors Rhino Rollers
Practically every building can benefit from a roller door.

For example:

  • Home security for your doors and windows
  • Internal security to protect home offices and internal spaces
  • Garage roller doors
  • Protect workshops, stores and units in your yard
  • Great for offices and industrial premises

Manual opening is our entry-level model

The base models have a manual opening system, such as a pulley & chain or simply manual lifting. More advanced models come with an electric motor and even a remote unlocking fob.

The door folds around a cylinder at the top of the doorway when open and can be pulled down and closed in seconds.

Because it’s up-and-down-opening, they are immediately in front of the doorway can be used more efficiently. That is better than traditional hinged doors that open outwards and require free space to open.

Roller doors do not blow shut in a strong breeze either!

Made to measure Roller Door Rhino Rollers
Door safety is built in

Safety is an extremely important aspect of our doors and installation process. All our manually operated doors are fitted with anti fall back devices in case of spring or cable failure. That prevents the door from suddenly dropping.

Our roller doors are fully guaranteed

All our quality double skinned roller doors are covered by a full 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Insulation is built in

The double-skinned aluminium slats are insulated with a foam filled insert of 8mm on the standard models and 18mm thick on our high-end range.

Recommended servicing interval for roller doors

An annual inspection is highly recommended to keep your roller door operating smoothly and to head off any potential problems. That servicing interval is for doors that are opened and closed twice a day, which is normal usage in most cases. If you operate your door more frequently than this, then consider a shorter servicing interval.

How long does it take for my roller door to arrive?

Every roller door is manufactured to order using the precise measurements of your doorway. That takes approximately 4 weeks, so your roller door should be installed within 4-6 week of placing an order. Installation takes approximately 2-3 hours.

Take the next step – contact us to find out more

A quick chat with one of our roller door installation experts is free and will provide you with all the information you need about the ordering and installation process. Every roller door enquiry requires a site visit to accurately measure the doorway, so we can book you in too.